Current Projects

Project Cybertron

This project will create a realistic model of the planet Cybertron from the Transformers series. The design will be based off of examples from the TV shows, comics, and fan art.

I will be 3D modeling this in Rhinoceros. I plan to 3D print this once the modleing is done. After the physical fabrication is complete, the planet will be finished through smoothing and painting.

Tools Used: Rhinoceros, 3D printing

Simple Racing

This will be a web based racing game developed using p5.js and

The idea of this game is to have a few players move cars around with arrow keys. The goal is to reach the finish line at the top of the screen. To make this fun, I plan on implementing obstacles that delay the players from reaching the finish line.

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, p5.js,

Past Projects

Wireless Blind Spot Detection

This was a semester long project for my Invention and Innovation class. I collaborated with three other students for this (Sean Connolly, Elijah Fisk, and Alex Schwartz). The goal of this project was to create an easy to install and use blind spot detection system for cars. We had an external unit that was attached to the quarter panel of your car and would detect if something was in your blindspot. We also had a unit on the inside of your car to read and interpret the data from the external sensor. This unit also display a light visual upon interpretation. The light was white if your blindspot was clear and red if there was an object. The lights also showed a rainbow effect if you weren't connected to the external sensor.

The base of this project was the Arduino platform and bluetooth modules. We experimented with various components for this including cheap Ebay microcontrollers, Arduino Unos, Sparkfun Redboards, Sparkfun Promicros, Ebay bluetooth modules, Sparkfun Silver bluetooth modules, xBee bluetooth modules, cheap ultrasonic sensors, and weather resistant ultrasonic sensors. In the end, we used two sets of Sparkfun Promicros and xBee bluetooth modules. For our sensing unit, we used a $15 weather resistant ultransonic sensor. For our output unit, we used a strip of RGB Neopixels to alert the user.

To see images, please go here.

Tools Used: Arduino, Eagle CAD, Rhinoceros, Lulzbot Taz 5 3D Printer, Electronic Circuits

Sound Detection Helmet

This is a physical computing project made with an Arduino micro controller. For this project, I used a Sparkfun Redboard and a Sparkfun Electret Microphone Breakout. The idea was to have the LED array on the mouthpiece of the helmet to change colors when you spoke. The LEDs went from red to green upon voice detection. This was done by using two seperated outputs on the Redboard.

Pictures: Here

Tools Used: Arduino, Electronic Circuits

3D Animated Cartoon

This project was created in Blender. It was a short samurai fight animation done for my Form(ATLS2500) class.

Tools Used: Rhinoceros, Blender


This was a user experience project designed with a few classmates in my User Centric Design(CSCI3002) class. The goal was to create a calendar that integrated schedules from our class registration portal (MyCUInfo) onto an online platform.

Tools Used: Photoshop, Google Slides

3D Printed Robot

This robot was modeled in Rhinoceros 3D and printed on a Lulzbot Taz 5. The base of this robot was based off a Transformer’s robot mode. The head was specifically designed after an Autobot called Ultra Magnus. The final printed robot was an actually articulated figure. After extensive trial and error, I ended up modeling this with all ball joints as they seemed to work the best.

Screenshots: Here
Rhino File(.3dm): Download Here

Tools Used: Rhinoceros, Lulzbot Taz 5 3D Printer

Spirited King

This ghostly spirit was created in Rhinoceros 3D . It was inspired after urban artist’s graffiti. I modeled the object as one item.

Screenshots: Here
Rhino File(.3dm): Download Here

Tools Used: Rhinoceros

Photo Manipulator - Java

For my programing class, I created an image manipulator for jpegs. This program let you upload a photo and add a filter to it. I programmed the filters according to a matrix that I was given. This program was made using the BlueJ IDE with Java.

Screenshots: Here
Full Program Files(.zip) Download Here

Tools Used: Java

Train Organizer/Optimizer - C++

For my Data Structures final project, we had a “make it yourself” project in C++. For my project, I decided to create a train organizer. For this program, the user fed a text document into it and it organized a train to fully optimize it. The optimization as based on type (liquid, gas, or solid) then amount. For liquids and gases, they couldn’t mix. For solids, they were based by cubic volume size and combined into different train carts. This program was made using the Codeblocks IDE with C++.

Full Program Files(.zip) Download Here

Tools Used: C++

Robot Soccer - Python(PyGame)

In my intro to programming class, I created a game based off the PyGame skeleton. The objective of this game was for a robot to place a ball into the goal. There were randomly generated cones that blocked the robot’s path.

Screenshots: Here
Python Code: Here
Full Program Files(.zip): Download Here

Tools Used: Python